On top of a very high rock

In 1371 Cardinal Anglico writes that the "Castle of San Marino is on a very high mount on the top of which there are three very strong fortresses". This experience will lead you to discover the unbreakable bond that the City has with its Mount. Going up the ancient Costa dell'Arnella, once the only way of connection with the fortified city, you will go on an exciting ride back in time until the birth of the San Marino community. Through the door of the cliff (Porta della Rupe) and along the ancient walls, you will discover stories and anecdotes about characters and facts that have characterized the 17 centuries of history of this ancient Republic. And then up, up, to the First Tower where, if you still have some breath, the wonderful views of the Adriatic Coast and the Montefeltro hills will take it away.



2 hours, from 6.00pm to 8.00pm

Level of

Easy. This is a tourist type route, suitable for everyone.



The tour will take place on the following days: August 2, August 23

The price includes a radio guide.

Departure: 6.00pm

Adults 10 €

Children from 7 to 12: € 5
Children up to 6: free


For booking and information,
please contact:

Sara Forcellini
Mobile phone and WhatsApp: 335 7334851
e-mail: msaraforcellini@gmail.com

Meeting point

Funivia, Piazzale Campo della Fiera, 10 - 47893 Borgo Maggiore, Repubblica di San Marino